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Sunday Worship Schedule - 9:30 and 11:00 am

July 7th: “An Introduction”

This week will answer the questions, “What is the Kingdom of Heaven? What is its purpose? How does it work? and “Why is this the first and arguably primary teaching of Jesus?”

Focal Verses: Matthew 4:17b; 3:2; 5:20; 11:12; 19:13-14; Mark 4:30-32; Mark 9:35-37; Luke 17:20-21; John 3:3-7;

July 14th “Blessing in the Kingdom”

Redefine what it means to be “blessed” from a biblical standard, break down what we are to do with our blessings, focus on the beatitudes and the “blessing” associated with the Kingdom of Heaven

Focal Verses: Matthew 5:2-16 

July 21st “The Law in the Kingdom”

This week will break down the commandments in the OT and how they originally were taught, how they were followed then vs. how Jesus models a new way to follow them. The Gospel message will be presented as the avenue by which we are able to follow the heart of the command through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Focal Verses: Matthew 5:17-26

July 28th “Love and Relationships in the Kingdom”

Redefine what “love” means, how Jesus taught about love, how Jesus lived out love, the focus of Jesus transforming, active love is how Jesus is overcoming the world.

-Focal Verses: Matthew 5:21-26, 31-37, 38-42, 43-47

August 4th “Fear in the Kingdom”

Focus on what we have to fear (nothing) in the Kingdom of Heaven and how that lack of fear should drive our lives as we live them on the earth.

-Focal Verses: Matthew 6:25-34

August 11th “Generosity”

Looking at the things we possess in this world and discussing their origin, their purpose, tithing and Jesus, how Jesus designed mankind to use their time, money, status, position, or power

Focal Verses: Matthew 6:1-4, 19-24


August 18- September 1

One of the things we all have in common is that we've all had seasons in our lives where we asked God for something and Go just wouldn't do it. How should we respond...

August 18 ... When God is Inattentive
August 25 -- When God is Uncooperative
September 1 -- When God is Late