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Jesus has changed our lives, and we want others to experience that. Telling others about Jesus is a great NEXT ≥ STEP. Knowing that every one life matters, all of us should seek to influence one life at a time, just like Jesus did. Your "One Life", or "Next One," is an individual in your life that you would want to see come to know the hope we have in Christ. It could be a family member, a neighbor, a friend, a colleague or co-worker, an employee at a favorite spot - anyone you meet - every one life matters.

next ≥ step ideas for investing in one life:
  • Invite an unchurched friend to come to a church sponsored event or gathering (perhaps something other than worship).
  • Tell a mom about our MOPS program.
  • Invite an unchurched friend to worship.
  • Mentor someone who is considering following Jesus.
  • Befriend someone who is not a Christian and just live out your faith in front of them.
  • Pray for a specific person, and ask God to use you as an answer to your prayer.
  • Invite an unchurched friend or couple to a gathering at your house where other Christians are present.
  • Take a special interest in someone who has a need you can fill.
  • Invent your own way to invest in one life.
  • Always be looking for the next one life you can invest in.