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Sunday Worship - 10:00 am In person or live on Facebook.   

We're so glad you've visited our web site!

Adventure of Faith is a church that believes "God is Who He says He is and God will do what He says He'll do." We are encouraged by our pastor to "attempt to do great things for God and for people that we cannot accomplish without God's help." That's how we define "faith." We have discovered that when we exercise faith, it's always an adventure.

We have a well defined mission statement, and a strategy for fulfilling our mission. We share and rely on our core beliefs, and encourage each other to live out our shared core values.

Above all, we are a family of ordinary people who have placed our faith in an extraordinary God, who has revealed himself and redeemed us through His Son, Jesus Christ. We like to think of ourselves as "real people serving a real God."

We invite you to explore our web site, and then to be our guest on a Sunday morning. We're here for you!